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Manel De Aguas (Barcelona, 10 October 1996) is a Catalan transpecies artist based in Barcelona, best known for developing and installing a cybernetic sensory organ to perceive changes in atmospheric pressure in his body. The barometric organ allows him to perceive the arrival of cyclones and anticyclones via beat frequencies transmitted through the skull. Depending on the input perceived, he can predict weather changes as well as feel at what altitude he is in.

De Aguas studied contemporary photography in Barcelona and became Cyborg Foundation's artist in residence in 2017. Later, he co-founded the Transpecies Society, an association that gives voice to people who do not identify as being 100% human and raises awareness on the issues they face. The association, based in Barcelona, offers workshops specialized in the design and creation of new sensory organs.

De Aguas has shared his experience as a perceptual artist by performing and speaking in conferences and festivals in Austria, UK, Argentina and Spain.

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